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Consulting solutions

These are some of the areas we help with

  • Newsroom operations, technology and workflow
  • CMS (Content Management Systems): Arc XP, WordPress, or others.
  • Launching news startups
  • Staff training on digital and audience strategies
  • News strategy and beats
  • Audience-centered journalism
  • Digital subscriptions and membership growth
  • Newsletters list growth and analytics
  • SEO, social media and audience development
  • News analytics: Google Analytics (and GA4 upgrades), Metrics for News, Parsely, Chartbeat
  • Audience surveys and research
  • Strategic consulting for news executives and funders
  • Executive coaching
  • Technology vendor evaluation and implementation


Our custom technology solutions

Use newsletter analytics
to attract loyal readers

Newsletters can create loyal readers and customers, if you know what content works. GlueLetter is content analytics and insights for email newsletters. It figures out what content your audience likes, and gives you convenient insights.

Arcfully product logo
Powerful tools for newsrooms
using the Arc XP CMS

Arcfully is software that integrates with the Arc XP CMS to add next-level features.

  • Story Budget is a simple, elegant and customizable tool to plan your upcoming content.
  • Tag Manager finds the right tags for your story.
  • Story Syndicator enables your partner publishers to reproduce some of your content, while giving you full control and a boost to SEO and traffic.
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About us

Delta Flow Solutions LLC is a consultancy established to help news enterprises adapt and achieve their goals. Our expertise lies at the intersection of three fields — journalism, technology and organizational change.


Our founder has led change in the journalism industry as a senior executive, team manager, organizational change coach, journalist, editor, product inventor, product manager, software developer, educator, trainer, audience researcher, and analytics leader.

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